Monday, July 12, 2010

Samantha In Foal & Hannah Stitches

The vet was due early afternoon for Samantha's sonagram and Jenis' after delivery check up so it was back to the farm by 12:30. First Hannah and Faith were asked if they could come help me make a short video of Caden, Paris' colt, we have a lady wanting to see how he behaves with children. Steven Marchal showed up to help with the videos and ultrasounds.Caden was put away and Ylse taken out. I noticed she was in her foal heat this morning but didn't have the time to get her covered. Steven held Ylse's filly while Raven got the job done. Just as we were fly spraying Raven to put him away, Our vet showed up. First on his job list was Ylse's filly. She is still tender on her right front. He felt it is not a serious injury, she got 1 cc of banimine and her foal shot. Then it was Samantha's turn. Her ultrasound showed her pregnant at 18 days so she had a caslick put in. Her new owner will need to have that removed 30 days before she is due. Steven jumped on her for a short video to send to her owner along with the good news of her pregnancy. Then it was Jenis' turn. She had been dripping blood and needed to be scoped and ultrasounded to make sure all was clean in her uterus from the birth on the 7th but all looked good. Her filly was also given the foal shot. Just as the bill was being figured up, my phone rang, It was Karin, she was watching the kids swimming at Diane's Hannah went off the dive and hit another child and cut her head. Karin wanted to ask our vet if he would look at it. Joan was called and between her and the vet they decided it probably should have stitches. Thank goodness for our vet!
Hannah ended up with 6 stitches.