Friday, July 30, 2010


Velvet and her son had every scrap of hay cleaned up by the time I arrived at 7:00am. They should have been thrown more hay before leaving yesterday. They were moved into the opposite stall so theirs could be cleaned better and the boy checked. There is a little more swelling today than yesterday which is normal. Once Samantha and Sanna had finished their grain, the gate was opened to let them out into the field. They promptly went out, started grazing, walked around the back of the barn, then into the barn and into the stall. I forgot we use to feed them in the stalls. Each morning they would be turned loose with their grain waiting, Sanna to the right and Samantha to the left. I may have forgotten but they sure didn't. Once they were sprayed down for flies back they went into their own paddock. Sanna was taken first and Samantha's filly started calling and running around trying to find Sanna, it's like she is her second mother. When it was Samantha's turn, Sanna started calling. They will be separated once Samantha leaves for her new home and Sanna is going to grieve. They have pretty much been together for 20 years. There was a phone message today someone from Kansas wanting to buy Sanna on the payment plan but that is not desirable for us, the reason she is up for sale is we have too many horses on the place. The lady buying Samantha was emailed to see if she would be interested in taking Sanna also but if not we will probably sell her to the Kansas people. I keep telling myself I must become more hard hearted so it won't bother me if Sanna is left to grieve. As I'm about to drive into our driveway I see Emma out in the middle of the road standing in front of a man on a bike not letting him pass. She just wants to play but that poor man thought he was going to be eaten! Amy Koch was called to see if I could borrow her no no bad dog shock collar. She brought it right over but it needs to charge up before teaching Emma that the road will BITE her!

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