Monday, July 12, 2010

Early Morning Coffee & Africa

Dogs barking at 4:00am was our wake up call this morning. They were sure there was something in our yard and actually there may have been as both dogs took off running for the barn at full speed barking all the way. They came back very pleased with themselves. Perhaps a critter from the woods was sneaking up on the goats.
It is such a pleasant morning I was waiting for them to come back while sitting on the back stoop when the birds started their morning singing. I was going to head back to bed but if the birds are up, the coffee and the DAY may as well be started.
While lurking on facebook I see that Karin has uploaded her Africa video. So it was grabbed and posted here for all you viewers that aren't Karin's friend on facebook.

This will be many neat memories for mom and Karin for years to come.

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