Saturday, July 17, 2010

Water tank, Paddock Cleaned, Air at Church

Our dinner at Red Lobster was delicious, mom ordered snow crab legs which she shared. Haven't had crab for years.
We arrived at church early for the testimonies but the sweet fellowship while waiting is so worth coming early.
Tonight BJ Elsasser was mentioned by 2 of the converts and Tim brought his name up on the 3rd. What a testament to faith this boy had in life and also in his death.
Many tears were shed through the smiles tonight.
Church was warm, no kind of hot, it was obvious the AC wasn't working correctly about midway through the first testimony they came and got Mark. Things started improving, we could tell there was at least some cool breeze coming into the sanctuary but when all was over we couldn't find Mark anywhere inside. He had the car keys so we are hoping we haven't been left and a trip out to see if the car was still there was in order. Once outside we see a ladder going up to the roof and sure enough, there is Mark on the church roof in his suit. Just then Terry from Meisters pulled in, we showed him where to go, Mark threw us the keys and we drove home. Just for the record, Meisters does not have the contract for the heating and air in the church. He came up to bed around midnight but said he had been home a while and all was fixed.
Once I got home, it was straight out to the barn to clean Dakota's water tank and fill it knowing she would need water either tonight or tomorrow. What a surprise someone had already done it. Not only did Dakota have clean water, her paddock was SPOTLESS! THANK you to who ever did this.

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