Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog School Graduate

A trip back to the farm was in order, to meet Steven for putting iodine on Jenis' filly and checking Ylse's filly's temp. Mary Bennett came with us to meet the horses and play with Duke. Steven was working Wynne when we pulled in so he showed us how well Wynne is picking up the bow. Jenis' filly is so strong it really does take 2 of us to hold her in place for the iodine. Ylse's filly was feeling much better, putting weight on her leg and her temperature was down to 101.6. Their stalls were cleaned, buckets filled and more hay dumped while Mary was grooming Duke. She took a short ride on him but at 1:00pm we needed to leave, Addyson was coming over to visit grandma. Mike will just have to feed and water the 2 mares tonight, 2 trips to the farm today is all I want to take. Dog school tonight and Emma GRADUATES!

Emma Finally graduated from dog school. She was so exhausted tonight that she could hardly wait to get into the car. An hour of work and practice is just too much for her. At least most of the time she listens and tries to please. Tonight we played a dog form of musical chairs. Emma sat on a dog and was disqualified, Ebby came in second, she was closest to the tape (chair) but didn't sit as fast as the only other dog in the running which was also the dog Emma sat on. And if you can't read what it says, the close up is below.

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