Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleep IN

We kept Emma in our room last night and she let us sleep until 6:30am. When she is downstairs, we start hearing barking around 5:00am. We think she just wants to be with us. The only downfall with keeping her in our room is the snoring, not as bad as Darcy but still quite loud.
There was a message waiting by the time we made it down the stairs, mom called to tell me she was graining Ylse, her filly was fine and would I want any other horses fed. Mom is dog sitting both of Karin's dogs and Ebby, Diane's dog and when she got up this morning Ebby was not at her house. She started walking and Ebby runs up from Diane's to join in. Ebby knew where she was suppose to sleep and had gone home.
We will head out to the farm a little later this morning, work until the heat is unbearable, then put our suits on and cool off at Diane's pond. Mom is coming in around 4:00pm today we are planning on going to Red Lobster for dinner then to church for the testimonies.
The person that wanted to see pictures of Autumn wanted to trade an 11 year old untrained 14 hand grade mare for her. Not!
I want to thank everyone for their emails and phone calls about the loss of Jenis' filly. It really does comfort one to know how much people care.

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