Sunday, July 25, 2010

Velvet & Son

Mark and I got to the farm by 7:10am and the first thing noticed was that Mike had moved in a round bale for Sanna and Samantha. Mark actually came with me to help with that but there was plenty of other things calling to him. I was VERY pleased to see that job done. We got to the top of the hill and there is Velvet's colt in with Ralph and Jamie's filly Myrrhcedes. Velvet was running back and forth at the bottom of Myrrhcedes' paddock on one side of the fence while her colt was running back and forth on the other side. Before any of the horses could be fed, Velvet needed to be caught, brought out of the field and into Myrrhcedes' paddock so her colt would follow her back out of that paddock and into their own. This all went like clockwork and it even gave me a good chance to fly spray them both down. Velvet was not engorged so it had probably just happened, in fact once they were reunited the colt didn't even want to nurse. The colt may be sold, a deposit has come but the buyer still needs to make up her mind which colt she wants. She is trying to pick between Velvet's colt or Aragon, Izadora's 2009 colt. She emailed me this: Hi Judy, I will stick the deposit in the mail tomorrow. I am going to take one or the other. That much I have definitely decided on. I'm going to watch the videos about 100 more times each. They both have a lot of suspension. And I better not look at any more babies you have because I'll have to start all over again. Ha. I didn't expect them to be that nice at such a good price.
Ribbon was brought out to see if she is still in season. Mike got her covered last night but for the ultrasound date we need to know the day she is out. It took a while for her to show but she finally did so was put back. If she is still in tomorrow she will be covered then. Finally it was time to feed and the horses let me know their displeasure of having to wait by stamping and calling.
time to start getting ready for our favorite part of Sunday, CHURCH!

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