Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dr. Pallen showed up today before Dr. Hoerr got to the farm so we had a nice visit and plenty of time to take her around showing her all the houses at the compound and explaining who lives where. She asked how many were actually in the family and I answered that question by showing her the picture Rachel took of all of us on Spark's fire engine. Just about the time the tour was over, Dr. Hoerr pulled up for the collection. Steven Marchal handled Raven, while I twitched Bunni, she is not in season and we didn't want her kicking Raven. He is just crazy over her so it doesn't matter or not if she is in season, that is why we consider her the jump mare.
Rhoda showed up at the farm about the time we finished up with the vets so she jumped on Big Sally so we could make a video of her and her filly for her new owner. I know I'm using the same music as before but the music I'm using is allowed to be put on a video and today I just didn't want to get all the way done with the video and have youtube mute it.
Sarah came home and started reaming me out about putting pictures up on the last post of the gelding of Velvet's colt. She said someone told her today they were shocked that I would post that. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD! That is part of running a breeding business.

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