Sunday, July 4, 2010

Broken waterer

The farm was reached just a little after 6:00am and it was a good thing I arrived early. The cabin waterer attachment had broken off at the hydrant, water was spraying everywhere and the mares were THIRSTY, trying to catch the spraying water one sip at a time. The cabin had to be disconnected so no one use the bathroom in the cabin until Mike gets a new attachment.
The mares were grained and Ylse's colostrum was drawn for checking later. Over to grain Raven and the boys.
We have too many mares at the cabin so Samantha and Sanna will be moved into the boys pen and they will be moved out back. Samantha is losing weight nursing and this will make it easier to grain them without Jenis getting it all.
Ylse will be moved into a stall tonight to prepare for birthing as her colostrum is now testing blue at 250. Jenis and Wynne can stay at the cabin.

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