Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Scare, Sally Sold, Jenis Bred

All the meds, syringes, needles, IV lines and fluids were returned to Dr. Hoerr's office this morning. I needed to pick up the truck at the farm and Mark needed to work on mom's airconditioner so I asked him if he would give me a ride to the farm. He hadn't had lunch so was cooked a nice meal and fed and we headed to the farm at 12:30pm. As soon as we pulled up I ran to check on Ylse's filly and was horrified by the sight of her lying unresponsive in the sun. Screaming for Mark to come help, the wheelbarrow was brought to her, she was thrown in the wheelbarrow and brought into the arena where the hosing was started. The thermometer was grabbed and the result was awful, it went to 109.9 and then error. Her temperature was higher than the thermometer would go. After 10 minutes of intensive cold water hosing her temp was down to 106 and she was starting to respond to my voice. Mike, Diane, and mom showed up to help and after 5 minutes more her temp was down to 103 and she was trying to stand. With help she was on her feet and actually was able to nurse about a minute then back down for more hosing. Ylse was not engorged and the filly did not look dehydrated, just WAY to hot. By 1:30pm we had her temp down to 101. but she was very shaky and just not latching on when brought to Ylse, she would bump the udder but then drop her head. Brain damage is a very real concern at this point. Even the arena was too hot so the next time she got up, even though she wouldn't nurse we walked them into the yard under a tree. She seemed to get stronger and finally latched on and nursed. All the horses at the cabin field were brought over to the farm and Ylse and her filly were taken to the cabin field. This was the best option with the many shade trees and nice breeze. She nursed well at 2:30, 3:15 and finally after she nursed at 4:00pm I left for home. We now realize just how quickly the heat can overtake these new black foals. She is doing so well we can only assume we caught it very quickly and brought down her temp before any brain damage was done. Too bad we didn't learn this lesson years ago.
While Mike and Diane were still there to watch her, Jenis was pulled out and covered by Raven.
By the time I arrived home the deposit was here for Big Sally and her filly so they are now marked sold. We will see about bringing them home from Middle Grove to get new pictures and make a video before they leave.

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