Saturday, July 31, 2010

Emma & the Shock Collar

The collar was fully charged, calibrated and put on a more moderate charge then put on Emma's neck for the big test. Riding a bike down the driveway and onto the road was Rhoda for the first test as Emma loves to chase bikes. Emma runs out onto the road and realizes something is bothering her neck, she looks at her neck a couple of times but doesn't yelp, just comes running back. The charge was then set to number 14 up from 11 and the next time she ran out onto the road not only did she yelp but ran the wrong way. She had to be shocked again until she was back in our yard yelping all the way. We sympathized with her, cuddled her and told her about that bad road biting her and that was enough for the first lesson so back into the house we all went. Once we were back from the farm Emma was let outside and she not only wouldn't go near the road she wouldn't even go in the side yard, which was good but didn't reinforce the idea the road was the bad guy. When Rhoda came back from the trails she took Emma out to play. Rhoda started throwing a toy for Emma to grab and bring back. Rhoda deliberately threw the toy onto the road, Emma ran to get it, got shocked, ran into our neighbors yard got shock, ran back into our yard and got lots of love and sympathy. We have learned that Mastiff's have long memories and just maybe today will be enough of a lesson to save her life or at least a toenail or two. Years ago Darcy learn the lesson by crossing the road and getting hit by a truck. She tore her toenail in the accident and NEVER forgot that the road hurts dogs.
We are going to Jonah's Seafood restaurant tonight for dinner. Rhoda was given a $100.00 gift certificate from one of her house sitting jobs and is taking the family out.

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