Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday Karin, thankfully checked on Ylse's filly so I didn't have to drive back out to the farm. The extreme heat is wearing me out. Up at 5:00am today and the temperature has not dropped below 80 degrees, that along with the high humidity levels make working outside miserable. Yesterday the humidity was 90 percent at 7:00am, I haven't heard how high it is now. If we can get through today, there is suppose to be relief in sight.
On the walk yesterday I made the comment that after 8 years of standing Raven if someone offered to buy all the Friesians I would probably take them up on it. Weary is the mind and weary is the body. There is just no excess energy to run the business right now. Karin wants to set up a work day at the farm before the hog roast. When she called to ask which is a good day I actually shuddered. She set August 21st, the day before the hog roast.
Today we will plan on working on the farm house lawn, the new septic field was installed and some manure was dumped on the low side and spread with grass seed planted which is coming up beautifully. Then the roof needed to be replaced on the addition and once the clean up was finished we dumped more manure on the high side but didn't have the time to spread it or plant grass. Storm after storm since the manure was dumped and now it will be heavy with water and hard to spread.
Samantha and Sanna will need a new bale soon. Jenis and Ylse got theirs yesterday along with Raven, the 2 boys, Ribbon and Wynne.
Driving out to the farm this morning huge storm clouds were moving in. The picture above shows them just as we pulled in. We were able to get the horses fed and some of the manure spread with the grass seed sprinkled on top before the storm hit.


  1. Yep, that's why I didn't answer you right away, just too tired to think of more work