Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dakota is now here at Bridlewood, she is in training with Laura. Ralph and Jamie dropped off 2 round bales, then as my truck was hooked up to the trailer brought her over. This is all good except Ralph informed me that the truck needs to have the brakes repaired. ARGHHH, I just finished paying off getting the 4 wheel drive repaired, to get the skid steer repaired and the transportation to and from the place was almost $1000.00. We really don't own things, they own us. I think I'm going to have to take a second job! Last night at the AC home, Joan and Tim gave a very interesting report on the earthquake in Haiti and that helped me remember how blessed we really are.
Jenis needs to be teased today and if in covered. Her filly is one week old today. I have 2 people emailing on her already and this is the one I would have LOVED to keep. Don't get attached, don't get attached, don't get attached is the message that must be repeated over and over. One of them made an appointment to come down from Valparaiso on August 10th to see her. I don't know where the other is from.
There are 7 bags of grain in the back of the car that need to be unloaded before the walk today but no stalls to clean once there.

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