Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday's work

Emma and Darcy wanted to come to the farm this morning. This is the dogs trying to both fit in the back seat.

And this is how they ride. Darcy's face is always on the bottom with her body on the left and Emma's face is always on the top with her body on the right. Both with their faces between the 2 front seats watching so they don't miss anything.
The bigger Emma grows the harder it is to fit.
Mike picked up 3 horses from Middle Grove last night for his company coming in today. Rhoda wanted to use Bunni for the Ride for the Cure competition but Mike really didn't want to give her up so Rhoda borrowed Sunny for that endurance ride. Can you imagine a Haflinger in an endurance ride? They're not going to win any ribbons!
Both stalled mares were eagerly waiting for their morning hay by the time we arrived at 7:00am. Zephur is still in season and was covered, I actually needed Mark's help for this cover, she wasn't too willing to stand quietly today so she may be going out. Ylse's filly is still sore on her right front, thankfully she is still running a normal temp, this morning it was 101.6. Jenis' paddock had some blood spots on the ground. No fresh blood but this is something that needs to be checked by our vet. She may have a small piece of placenta still in her uterus. I checked it over and didn't see any tears before burying it but may have missed a small tear. Her temperature was also normal. On Monday I'll try to schedule the vet out to look at her, Ylse's filly and sonagram Samantha. Mark started working on the storm damaged roof when Mike came over to help this freed me up for mowing the fence line. The dogs followed me over to the cabin when Samantha and her filly were moved to the breeding paddock. Both dogs had to take a swim to cool off. By 1:00pm we were hot, sweaty and ready for home.

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