Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lost Day

Yesterday was a lost day for all of those at the Herman Lake in Norris, IL over the 4th of July weekend. There was just plain too much play! Between the volley ball, water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, swimming, water slide, rope swing, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, eating, hot tubbing, singing, cooking and did I mention eating, we were exhausted, crabby, and extremely sore. Why do we play so hard in our family? THANK YOU BETH and GREG for hosting such a fun group, getting us electricity, the wonderful hot showers and bathrooms. So yesterday after arriving at the farm by 6:00am to take care of Ylse and her filly, put Duke away, walk with the ladies, move Samantha and Sanna, chase Duke away from the barn, put Duke away, chase Duke away from the grain, (If this pony wasn't so great with kids and camps I would so get rid of him) then mowing by the time I got home at 10:30am the rest of the day was read and sleep, sleep and read. Kylee called with an update on Patsy yesterday morning that she held her own during the night, didn't improve but also didn't go the wrong direction which was actually encouraging.
We need to come up with a plan today on Ylse's filly and the camera must be taken out for some pictures of this little darling! They need to be outside and the cabin field is the best for them with all the grass and shade, with this heat they need the breezes and the shade. It doesn't help with the heat that the barn doors have to be shut to stop Duke from getting into the grain. Jenis and Wynne will just have to be moved in with the herd today until something can be figured out.
The Kummers are bringing their 3 year old Friesian mare today for breeding to Raven. She is suppose to be in season so this should be a short stay. They have had her on regumate are taking her to Dr. Hahn from the Spoon River Animal Clinic in Canton today where she will be given a shot, then bringing her right over.

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