Thursday, August 16, 2018

Another Vet Trip

This vet trip was totally my fault.  As Star and Roxanne are now confirmed in foal they needed to be taken out to Middle Grove to join the brood mare band EXCEPT... I forgot that Star's colt and Roxanne's filly needed to have their blood drawn for the Coggins test before being taken out. That meant a trip to Morton. If only I had been thinking yesterday. Dr. Hoerr could have drawn the blood when he was doing the ultrasounds on those mares.  Oh well, I was able to get an 11:15 am appointment with Dr. Pallen. While waiting to load up new pictures were taken of the barn apartment for Airbnb. 
 Above are the barns, the smaller barn is the foaling apartment. Below is the front door with the flowers Diane and Ruth planted. 

 Above and below are pictures of the main bedroom. 
The picture below is showing the hallway and second bedroom. 
The television is in the second bedroom. 
 The sectional couch does not open up but is very comfortable to sleep on. That pile of bedding to the right of the couch is going to be put in one of those clear plastic containers as soon as I buy one then stored in the closet. 

 Above is the futon that folds down into a very comfortable queen size bed and the wood burner. I loved stoking that wood burner during the winter and enjoyed the heat it produced. The wood burner can keep the entire apartment warm and cozy. Although the furnace does that too, it just doesn't have the ambiance the wood burner does. The picture below is looking from the front door toward the back door and includes the kitchen which has a full size stove, oven, dishwasher and fridge and of course a coffee maker. The table has chairs for 4 but there are 4 more stools in the second bedroom if needed. Right out the back door are the foaling stalls. 
The bathroom has a large walk in shower, stool behind the shower wall and of course a sink.
 Behind the bathroom door is the full size washer and dryer. 
I really enjoyed the year we lived there while working on the house.  I'm pretty thrilled to offer it to the public through Airbnb. There is a link to the right if interested in staying in a barn. 
Both foals were excellent at the vet clinic. They didn't even jump for their blood draw and Zephyr loaded right up into the trailer from the side door when he was done.  The SIDE door! We usually don't ask the foals to load into that narrow door but he was so well behaved at the clinic I decided to try. He didn't even hesitate, just walk right in. Dr. Pallen was able to take the pictures and draw Giselle's blood without taking her out of the back of the trailer. By 11:45 am I was on the way to Middle Grove to drop these 4 off.  The horses are now in the original 78 acre pasture so I took the new road then left on Raven's road and parked right in front of the gate. I didn't think to take the camera so no pictures but all the horses came running right up at the gate interested in who I was bringing out. They were all checked and all of them look great. The foals are looking amazing. Indy was haltered and loaded then Rosalie and Claire. Claire's owner would like her to have 2 sets of vaccines before leaving for her new home in Georgia so we needed to get her home quickly.  Tomorrow Karin is going to meet me to load Tatiana, Hadassah and Ella.  Saturday we will need to bring back Ayanna and her colt, as he is also leaving the end of August and Soul and her colt for updated pictures and a video. He looks amazing. Mike gave permission to take  horses out as he is leaving for Gulf Shores.  So tomorrow I'll load up Ripper, Sheena and Sally, leaving Jenis, Sangria, Cookie and Oksana here for riding.  When I got back Claire was taken into a stall, haltered and then taken to the outdoor for a few pictures for her owner.  She remembered all of her earlier training, stood quietly while haltering and stood well tied.

Mark came home early today and graded the driveways.  Amy Koch came over with fresh vine ripened tomatoes. We had BLT sandwhiches for supper tonight and they were delicious.  After supper we worked on fixing a few things in the apartment. Mark  put a stop on the pocket doors tonight. Mike fixed the waterer in the Middle paddock.  Spark and Rhonda stopped by after the Berean board meeting to let us know we will be able to start using the warehouse.  Mark was suppose to send a text to Dave Obergfel asking for that but forgot to do it. Spark got that job done.  We are expecting more rain tonight and we can hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. 

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