Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Today was Berean day, I pulled in exactly 2 minutes late and was sure all those ladies waiting there were going to dock my pay. We had a good time working there today, to read about our morning click HERE.
After that work the real work came. Today was the dreaded day of reconciling. I'm ashamed to say I let 3 months go by without reconciling the Horsemeister check book. Weird but for some reason even though we are from the same parents some of us have book keeper talents and some just don't. I look at the checking account on line and as long as there is money in there I think it's fine. If the balance looks low I throw money in there. Evidently that's not exactly how a book keeper believes it should be done. No wonder I drive Mark and Diane crazy.
Mark was home when I got back to the farm and was just heading out to mow the pond pasture.
 I took the golf cart down to check on Oksana, the next mare due. In the picture below Indy is on the left, Oksana in the middle and Rosalie, huge Rosalie, is the mare on the right with her filly next to her.  
 Oksana and Indy's filly came over to check out the golf cart.
 They both started taking halters off the cart and dropping them on the ground.

Silly silly mares. Oksana is due Oct 22nd and is the last due for the year. Once she has her foal we will have a nice long break of 5 months before foaling season starts back up.
This evening Jay came over to the playground to remove one of the old locust trees that had grown so tall it was causing the maple tree to grow funny. Below is a short video of him taking down that huge tree.
Jay's daughter Renee came over to watch.
 Jay counted the rings, this tree was over 45 years old.
Mark finished mowing the pond pasture then mowed around the fields and also the 50 foot strip going toward Lancaster.

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