Thursday, September 22, 2016

Darcy Scare

We had a scare this morning with Darcy. She asked to go outside around 3:00 am and somehow between the time she was let back in and 6:00 am she got herself stuck in the bathroom, wedged between the toilet and the wall not able to lay down or stand.
She had to be helped out and at that point was scared and confused. She is 11 and a half years old and the Mastiff breed of dog has an average life span is 8-10 years. Once she was settled back in the kitchen Emma and I left for the walk. After the walk she was still laying quietly so was left alone. The Berean work was easy this morning only taking a couple hours. By 10:15 all the Bibles were loaded and I was on my to the Bartonville post office to drop them off.
Rhoda had been notified about Darcy and was coming in from Bloomington to check on her so was asked if she would stop at Hoerr Vet Clinic and pick up the health papers for the two foals traveling tomorrow. I arrived home about 10 minutes before Rhoda got here and asked Darcy to get up and go outside but she walked a few steps into the family room and fell. She was able to scramble back up but seemed scared and confused. I was able to help her out the door and down the one step out to the patio and then the yard. By the time Rhoda arrived she was feeling much better. Rhoda gave her a couple pills and asked her to go outside again so she could watch her walk. Emma was glad to lay in front of the door watching Darcy while Ruby watched from the drive.

 Darcy made it into the yard and sat. 
When we called her back in she walked right past the stairs and both Rhoda and I thought, "oh no she is still confused" but instead this smart puppy went past the stairs because she knew there was a chew bone in the flowers, picked it up and then came down the stairs to the patio. 
Yep, she is fine! Rhoda and I went out to make another video of Joanna and this time ask her to move out enough to show how big her trot is.
Rhoda worked on leading with Joanna and personal space. Joanna was taught to go slowly out the gate. That took a few tries before she realized she was expected to walk behind Rhoda and not rush out the gate.

Ruby loves helping out with the horses. Next out was Rosalie's filly so we could get some updated pictures for the website. This filly will be a month old tomorrow. She is another floater, check out the air time in the trot below.
 We would have been surprised though if she wasn't a floater as her sire is Evan. All of his foals float. 
Mark checked all the tires on the truck and trailer and the oil in the truck for Emily. She is taking April and Caeser to Ohio tomorrow. April's owner lives about 15 minutes from Emily's aunt and Caesar's owner is from Virginia but meeting her there. Star's filly left last week, these 2 are leaving tomorrow and Ayanna's colt and Sheena's colt are suppose to leave next weekend. Hope all these new owners will send pictures as these foals grow. They are all so special.
Ben and Taunya and their children will be moving to Dallas, TX soon. We weren't very happy about this move as Taunya is expecting their 4th child in April. They left this week to house shop and sent the pictures below of their new home. OK after seeing the pictures of the house and the back yard we are a little happier about this move. Looks like we will have a new vacation spot.

We really like the looks of that hot tub come January. Taunya said the flight to Dallas is just 2 hours. The drive is around 12 hours. 

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