Friday, September 30, 2016

Awful News

We are SO sad to report Oksana lost her foal. I've been checking her udder every day but the udder showed no sign of filling and she wasn't due until Oct 22nd so she was left out with the herd in the big field. BAD mistake, she had a big all black gorgeous colt by Evan during the night right on the side of a hillside with the field on the right and a big ravine on the left. The colt evidently got up, staggered down the ravine and got caught in brambles. Oksana tried to get to him but was not able to and we were not aware that she had given birth to help. I was not able to bring the body up out of the woods but Emily will take the tractor and chains to drag it out for burial when she gets home from school today. So many if only if only go through my mind at times like this. If only I would have stalled her, If only I would have checked on the horses during the night, If only IF ONLY!

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