Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finally Cooling.

Israel slept all night and didn't even wake up until I had finished the horse chores this morning. He really was tired from all the fun at Rhoda and Lee's house Saturday morning and our house later. We had enough time to go to the playground before his bath before church this morning.
Not thinking about having a 3 year old with us, mom and I went right up to the front of church but Israel was very good sitting pretty quietly through out Dave Obgerfel's entire service. Peoria had a double portion of Holy Spirit during that service. I often wonder how the minister feels once he sits down. Is he drained? Did he feel how the Spirit was working through him blessing us with true Words of comfort, hope, but also correction? Greg Rumbold had the afternoon service and again we were blessed.
Taunya and Ben were already at our house when we arrived home and watched Israel while Karin and I ran to Middle Grove to pick up Soul, her filly and Cookie. Soul's filly needs to have her micro chipped inserted along with updated pictures and a video for the website. Cookie is needed next weekend for the Spoon River Drive. While at Middle Grove we checked over all the horses and pulled hair from Marika's colt so I can send in for his registration papers and DNA test. I forgot to pull Jewel's filly's hair so will need to do that the next time out there. When I got back to the farm the horses were just put in a paddock next to Evan. Both mares have some burrs in their manes and tails and I want them all out before putting them in the field. All of the kids and grand kids were here except Rhoda and Lee. Stephanie and David brought out dinner for everyone. She called it hay stacks but no hay was in sight. This was kind of a Mexican meal a little like a taco salad but even better. Sarah made brownies and Ben picked up ice cream at Dollar General for dessert. We all migrated over to the playground for volleyball around 6:00 pm. On the way over I picked up Willow, she and her grandpa were going riding AND taking Ripper (2 year old gelding out of Soul).
 Above is Willow on Ripper and below is Mike on Ripper. Now for the record, both sat on him and were led around a few steps then Ripper was just ponied for the trail ride.
 Willow rode Mika and Mike rode Bunni leading Ripper. 
Volley ball was well attended. There were hundreds (that may be a slight exaggeration) of kids running around playing, jumping on the tramp, playing on the playground and sometimes fighting with each other. The noise level was high the games were great and the visiting fantastic. The games went on until dark. The heat left the area late this afternoon and the breeze issued in some perfect fall weather. It was just a perfect evening.

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