Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Over a Thousand Big ROCKS

We had a good walk today, the mild weather of temperatures in the upper 30s really helped make the walk enjoyable. Mom dropped off first after the first round and I drove the golf cart over to the house on the second round so I could leave for the Berean office in time. To read about our work there today click HERE.
Karin practically followed me home so we stopped in at the house and had an early supper then went out to work. Yesterday I had to move a couple round bales in, one for Valiant and one for the middle paddock. Today I needed to check on Evan's paddock and the weanling paddock but both have enough hay in them for a few more days. The weanlings were grained while Karin was bringing in mares. Today she worked with Oksana, Anna, Zalena and Galena.
 Above she is working with Zalena and below Anna and Zalena are resting waiting for Karin to take them back outside. The horses all love to come in even though they are going to get worked. The training is easy and they get a chance to roll in that nice soft footing of the indoor.
 I was trying to water the arena today and Oksana kept getting right in the way of the hose. She had a good roll then went over and started knocking things off.
 That wooden sword in the picture below is actually flying through the air to land on the ground next to all the other stuff she knocked down. 
Oksana was tied up at that point since I was tired of cleaning up her mess. Below she is sulking. Karin calls that the time out corner reserved just for her. 
Today Hannah came over to help Karin with Galena's training. 

 At the end of the vaulting training they practiced trotting side by side. This is something that they need to do in the play and Oksana was having a hard time figuring out what she was suppose to do. 
 They were able to get a few rounds in where both horses were behaved. After Galena was put away Oksana was worked a bit more. She really is a fantastic 4 year old.
 I took Hannah back on the golf cart to rejoin the workers on the dam. The concrete below the overflow has eroded and collapsed creating a big hole. Joan had a load of big rocks delivered then put the child laborers to work. Hannah was driving the kabuta and dumping loads of rock on the dam then they would pass one rock at a time down the line for Joan to throw in the hole. They had already thrown in over 1000 rocks. Joan was counting as she threw each rock in. The kids were all working hard.

 The hole is pictured below and this is AFTER the 1000 rocks. 
 What a hard job and yet not once did I hear anyone complaining. Joan always finds a way to make work fun. 

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