Thursday, January 19, 2017

Birthday Celebration UPDATED

UPDATED: Today is Joan's birthday. We were all quick to wish her happy birthday while on the walk. Her children gave her breakfast in bed.
I left for Berean and to read about our morning there click HERE.  One of the propane tanks were filled on the way home. Rhoda was here already working with Rosalie.

To see the rest of those pictures and to learn about this training session click HERE. As you click on each picture you can read in the description what and why Rhoda is doing what she is doing with Rosalie.  Karin arrived and she was working Ayanna
when Rhoda drove down to the barn to watch a bit before leaving for Bloomington but Karin was having so much fun on Ayanna that Rhoda needed to get on too. Below is a short video of her having fun on Ayanna then riding Anna bareback with no reins at all.
 And to think this mare was sold to us as never trained and a brood mare only. We are so very happy we ended up with her.
Karin also worked with Eliza and Galena.

 At 5:30 pm Spark, Rhonda, Diane, mom, Kathy, Joan, Sarah, Faith, Mackenson, Berlica, Mark and I all went to Gils for a birthday dinner for Joan.
We stayed until after 7:00 pm enjoying the food and fellowship and from there we ended up at Joan's for games. Someone quickly dropped off flowers for Joan then took off.
These just happen to be the very same flowers that showed up at Ruth's house yesterday for her birthday. The card said it was to 'my darling daughter' love mom but mom denied all knowledge of it. Turned out Sarah gave it to Ruth trying to get some of that funny sibling rivalry going. Nope it didn't work but gave all of us a good laugh. It is now after 10:00 pm and we are more than ready for bed. Another great day.

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