Monday, January 30, 2017

In Memory of Darcy

We had to put Darcy down today. This joyful wonderful dog was such a loving companion for Rhoda.
We really will miss this girl. She was 189 pounds at her heaviest but the older she got the smaller she got, typical old dog. She was as sweet as she was big and never knew a stranger. She wouldn't have made a very scary watch dog, she was so glad to see visitors. She really was that one in a million dog.
As big as she was she was also a lap dog, if you were on the floor she would try to sit on your lap. Dr. Hoerr came over and helped her go to sleep for the very last time right in front of the fireplace. Exactly where she enjoyed the last few months soaking up the heat. Emma is going to miss her and is already walking around the house wondering where she is. It is hard to say goodbye to her but I'm thankful she does not have to suffer any longer. I'm thankful we have almost 12 years of memories of Darcy. She will not be forgotten.
She was so much fun when she was younger. Rhoda trained her to grab her back pack and pull it off. The kids had fun going into the room wearing a back pack just to see Darcy's reaction. The video below was taken years ago at Pleasant Home on Baer. 

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  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss of a dear friend and companion. It never gets any easier, and they are always gone too soon. I'm glad you have so many happy memories of her to cherish. God be with you.