Monday, January 23, 2017

Game Night WIN

I was late for the walk today, the automatic waterer in the middle paddock was on it's side with the water running out filling the already muddy paddock with more water. It was put upright then Mike called to secure it down. On our walk today Joan shared that Mackenson now has 2 forts, he told her he wants to rent one out. We all had a good laugh. You CAN take the boy out of Haiti but not Haiti out of the boy. He is good at finding treasures.
The picture below is of the first fort he built this summer. He was showing it to mom's guests.
As today was Monday and not a work day I worked at home. Lots of work got done and most of it outside. Around 10:00 am I took a trip to Pekin, IL to pick up grain and salt blocks from Big R and groceries from Aldi. Then since there was an abundance of food from all that grocery shopping I made a couple pies for Berean. Karin arrived as the pies were being put in the fridge. She worked 4 horses today, Ayanna, Galena, Oksana and Zalena. Funny story Oksana and Zalena had lost their halters in the paddock. I put an older green one on Zalena and Karin put a bright green one on Oksana then worked Oksana first. I was admiring who I thought was Zalena, marveling at her topline, balanced slow canter, and her quiet trot, telling Karin, "Zalena has really improved." Karin dryly informed me she was riding Oksana, NOT Zalena. I was only going by the color of the halter. You see  yesterday Zalena was wearing the bright green halter. I took pictures but those will be downloaded and worked on later. Rosalie lost her tail bag in the paddock. I looked for it but could not find it.
Tonight was game night at Ruth's house.
This was a very close game with the three front runners all within 17 points. Mom and Joan were pretty far behind but at the end of the game I won but only by a few points. Ha redemption from the last time we played where I lost miserably. We had a fun time. Diane didn't come this time, she is fighting a cold. Mom is feeling much better but now Mark isn't feeling well. He spent the evening on the couch wearing his winter coat and it isn't even cold in here. 

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