Thursday, January 26, 2017

Galena & Rosalie IN

There were 8 mares out this morning but Rosalie wasn't in the yard grazing like the other mares, she was standing up by Evan. Galena also wasn't grazing in the yard, she was over bothering Valiant. Both of these mares are in and showing. I was able to stick Rosalie and Galena in the paddock next to Evan then bring the other mares in the indoor arena and tie them up so a couple bales could be put in the middle paddock. We are going through 2 round bales every 10 days. This all caused me to be a little late for the walk but thankfully the walkers walked my way first so I could join up with them without losing too much sister time.
After that all important activity I left for the Berean office for our usual Thursday job of mailing out Bibles. To read about the morning there click HERE.
By the time I made it back to the farm Rhoda had arrived and offered to help get Galena covered by Valiant. Which was done. Rosalie on the other hand wouldn't stand yet so she will be tried tomorrow. Part of the problem could have been Evan though, this was the first time used in months and he was rammy. She got impatient and kicked out at him. He was so mad when I backed him away he mule kicked with all his force. That will not be tolerated and he was scolded, disciplined then put back. Hopefully he will be better behaved tomorrow. 
Rosalie was taken into the indoor so Rhoda could work her while I grained Eliza and the weanlings. Below are a few pictures of the afternoon.
 Above Rosalie is listening to Rhoda and waiting the next command. Below Rhoda is asking Rosalie to stretch down in the walk. 

 Above Rosalie is cantering and below Ruby, Rhoda's dog, is also cantering, right back to my lap. 
 Ruby loves coming out to the farm. At the end of the session Rhoda wanted to see if Rosalie would ride double but there wasn't anyone here to do that other than Ruby. 
 YEP she rides double!

 Emily arrived, tacked up Jenis and the two girls left for a trail ride with their 2 horses. 
 These are not appaloosa horses spotted with white, those spots are snowflakes. It was COLD today. 
 Ruby loves going on these trail rides but our two dogs would prefer to snuggle up in front of the glowing fireplace. 
Karin arrived to work horses while we were in warming up. Today she worked with Anna, Eliza, Indy and Galena.
 She is a little worried about Eliza, she feels she just does not have the energy she use to have. After discussing her with Rhoda we decided to de-worm all the mares here again using ivermectin. It won't hurt pregnant mares but is not the best de-wormer anymore as some of the parasites have built up an immunity. 
We can count on Anna rolling each time she is brought into the arena. 
 Karin was thrilled with Indy.
The trail ride was a quick one, Emily got called in to work. Rhoda and Karin spent some time inside here discussing dogs and horses. We sure have a good life around here.

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