Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Confirmation of Love

I was struggling with my faith this morning, thinking of my mortality knowing the aneurysm grew, and is God real?. My morning reading was in Zechariah 6 starting at verse 10 then chapter 7, 8, 9 and 10. One would think when reading those chapters, 'how can there be doubt' and yet I did.
We had a fun walk today. This is Ruth's birthday and tomorrow is Joan's. Joan's daughter Faith asked her mom, "were one of you adopted? How could grandma have 2 babies 1 day apart?" We could see her mind working, then comprehension learning that they were 1 day and 5 years apart caused us to all burst out laughing.
Berean was called off today as the mail wouldn't get picked up on time. With a free day I figured it was time to do a stove job on the kitchen which needed cleaning pretty badly. Before I even started the job though the AC sermon website was brought up and I chose to listen to Mark Streitmatter from Bloomington. His sermon was on Hebrews 11. That is such a good chapter and of course all on faith. I wasn't done with cleaning the kitchen when that was over so went to pick out another and scrolled down to page 5 where I noticed Earl Ringger had visited Morris North and had both morning and afternoon services. I chose the afternoon and again that sermon was on Hebrews 11. About that time the question is flying through this dim brain that just maybe these were for ME! Just have Faith.
The afternoon was spent outside. Dr. Hoerr was due to come to draw blood on 10 horses for the Coggins and sonagram Rosalie, Oksana, Sangria, and Easter Lilly. We decided to also sonagram Galena. She was confirmed in foal last year due June 25th, 2017 but just didn't look pregnant anymore. I put Jenis, Galena, Oksana, Ayanna, Eliza, Anna, Indy and Zalena in the indoor then took Sangria, EasterLilly, Arturo, and Rosalie in the stall barn. When taking Arturo out the gate fell off the hinge. Karin arrived at the perfect time to help put that back up. Dr. Hoerr arrived just minutes later and drew blood for the Coggins test first then went into the stall barn for ultrasounds. Sangria was done first.
 She was pregnant and is due Sept 14th, 2017.  At 3 and a half months along the foal was too big to fit on the screen but Dr. Hoerr was able to show Karin the different parts as they came into view.
Easter Lilly was next up and she too was confirmed in foal. Both of these mares were bred to Valiant. Easter Lilly is due Nov 6th, 2017. She will be the last to foal if she doesn't lose this baby. 
Galena was next and sure enough she was open. She must have lost the foal sometime while at Middle Grove. We will try to breed her back to Valiant next month. She looks like she may be coming out of transition and will be ready to cycle soon.
Oksana was next and pregnant. She was bred to Evan and is due Sept 22nd, 2017. Karin was able to see the skull, face and eyes. Last to be sonagrammed was Rosalie and she did not settle. She too should be ready to cover early February. As soon as Dr. Hoerr finished Karin loaded Easter Lilly and Sangria in the stock trailer and Mark and I ran them out to Middle Grove. We got home with just enough time to eat a quick supper then get ready for church. Diane brought her car over for Mark to drive to church tonight with me, Diane, mom and Ruth. David Obergfel had the service and NO he did NOT open up to Hebrews 11. He read first in Kings about Asa a good king, then Luke, where 4 men tore open the roof to let the lame man be healed by Jesus and THEN turned to Hebrews 10 and 11 especially reading Hebrews 11 verse 6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
OK GOD I got the message! I DO believe I DO have faith. He loves me enough to reassure me HE is REAL! He LOVES me enough to tell me 3 times today.

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