Sunday, January 8, 2017

Janelle's Wedding

Another cold morning but who cares about the cold when we have a warm church filled to the brim with warm hearts.
Today was Janelle Grassi's wedding to Nelson Eisenmann and Peoria was blessed to have many visitors with many visiting ministers. I snatched the picture below to share here of Janelle with her mom, brothers and her new husband Nelson. The wedding was touching and beautiful.
The reception was a joyful celebration feast for the hundreds of guests. The first play practice for the Horsemeister pirates was held today at Ruth and Fedi's house. All were there except Caleb and Jake but Sarah and Samantha were glad to fill in.

Rebekah with Anni's help choreographed the play and the players worked on learning it with Rebekah's instruction. The music fits perfectly. Not to brag but these young men and women are going to fun and funny to watch. 

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