Thursday, January 12, 2017

Icy Conditions

At 3:00 am Darcy woke me to go outside, I was surprised to see lightning lighting up the black night. By 3:20 am the storm hit our area and both dogs decided they should sleep in our room. I spent some time on the new couch watching the lightning and listening to the rumbles of thunder until sleet started hitting the window making enough of a racket I climbed over the two dogs to get back into bed. When we looked outside we were shocked to find ice covering everything.
 Above is our patio and below is looking toward the pond pasture

 Above is Rosalie and Abigail, they had ice on their manes and tails too. 
Jessica started driving to work, turned around and made it back to tell us not to drive. The roads were bad. Nice to have an extra day off this week. The skids on the shoes were much needed today. Diane lent one of her's to mom for the walk as mom lost one. Diane was able to finish the walk with just one skid on but I was very glad for my two.
Karin arrived this afternoon to work horses. While she brought in Ayanna, Galena, Zalena and Oksana, I brought in Eliza and Jenis for graining. As soon as they had finished their buckets they were taken back out but even the short trip from the paddock to the barn the horses were slipping on the ice. Karin is very thankful for that indoor arena. Horses just can't be worked on ice. Ayanna was worked first.
 Karin always loses her phone when working with this mare, her gaits are just huge. Galena was next, we were thrilled with how she moved today. Much improved over the last time she was worked with. 
 While Karin was working with Galena, Oksana was getting into trouble. First she decided to carry the pirate flag around.
 When that was taken away she grabbed the garbage can. She is a typical 4 year old, into everything. 
Ayanna was having fun too. She was fascinated with the smoke coming out of her nostril. She opened her mouth to make more or try to eat it, not exactly sure what she was thinking. 
Below are Oksana, Ayanna and Zalena looking at the icy conditions outside.
Below is Karin working with Oksana. She continues to impress us. Oksana is Eliza's daughter by Raven. We will find out on the 18th of this month if she conceived. She was bred to Evan last fall but never sonagrammed. 
The last mare worked was Zalena. Zalena is our oldest mare at 17 years old. She needs work on relaxing and stretching down. Poor Zalena thinks as soon as someone picks up the reins she is suppose to run. Karin is trying to retrain to relax with a rider. 

Thankful for a day off, thankful for beautiful horses and thankful for our warm house today.

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