Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Karin's Joy

Our mild weather produced thick fog so thick Mark almost ran a stop sign but he really could not see it until we were right up on it this evening on our way to church. We couldn't even see Rachel's house across the lake. I had an easy morning at the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE. I stopped at the post office on the way home to ask if they had seen anything for Horsemeister from the IALHA. The IALHA emailed that the registration papers for Aletia (Sangria's filly) and Brianna (Soul's filly) had been mailed out to us on Dec 14th, 2016. As this is now Jan 11th, 2017, I was concerned it was lost in the mail never to be found. We have been waiting for them for over 4 months. Both fillies are sold and at their new homes. The post master at the Hanna City post office knew exactly where it was. She said, "I sent it to Mike and Diane's office, as it was addressed to Horsemeister." I drove to Diane's office and sure enough there it was sitting. While there though Diane explained I needed to do 2 months worth of reconciling the Horsemeister check book as Russ Rumbold, our tax man, was coming next week. That only took a little more than an hour. We write so few checks but at one point Diane was just sitting laughing at Mike and I as we tried to make sense of this very confusing job. Why at one point Diane asked, "Does the bank statement agree with my checkbook?" The answer to that is, "how would I know." I just fill in the balance AFTER the reconciling is done. I was glad to get home to the real work. The middle paddock needed two new round bales. Eliza and Jenis both needed to be grained and the indoor arena watered. All of that was finished just a few minutes before Karin arrived. Today Galena, Eliza, Anna and Indy were brought in for training. Below left to right is Indy (her halter is too big for her and makes her face look funny) Eliza and Anna.
 Anna decided to have a good roll in the arena while Karin was working with Galena. 
 Galena was quiet and responsive today. 
 Eliza was worked with next. She is a forward mare with big gaits. 
 Anna was brushed twice as was all ready to be tacked up but while Karin was working with Galena she rolled, was brushed, she rolled again and had to be brushed again.
 Last mare to be worked with was Indy. 
While Karin was working with her Galena and Eliza wandered over to graze on the hay. 
This afternoon was pure joy for Karin. The horses are improving each time they are worked with. She loves to see improvement and is thrilled when they try to do what she is asking without a fuss.
They sure are beautiful and we are blessed that they live here. Karin finished up just as Mark got home. We had a chicken dish for supper and had to push it to get ready for church in time. Mom and Ruth drove with us tonight. Willis had the service on 1st Peter.

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