Friday, January 6, 2017

Rosalie Meets the Pirate Flag

Brrr it was cold this morning, actual temps -2 degrees. I was sure mom would decide to cancel the walk but I was wrong. Since the wind wasn't blowing, the below zero temperatures were tolerable with the right warm clothing.
Rhoda arrived after the walk to work with Rosalie. Rosalie will be going to the IL Horse Fair for the very first time and needed to learn about the Pirate flag. By the time Rhoda started working with her the weather had warmed up to 4 above zero but was sunny. Rosalie's filly Abigail was left in with the other two weanlings and was perfectly content to be there. The entire time Rosalie was being worked the filly didn't call and neither did Rosalie. Below are a few pictures of the training session.

 The training went well. By the time Rhoda had finished Rosalie was relaxed and willing to do what was asked. They finished this training session with some trick training.
To see the rest of the pictures click HERE. Once Rosalie was put away I had to leave for the doctor appointment. The propane tanks were loaded in the back of the car. As Suburban Gas company was on the way, I stopped and filled two tanks for the heater in the barn. I didn't have to wait at the doctors but didn't get the best news, the aneurysm grew .3 in a year. Dr. Radee now wants to check it every 6 months instead of annually. He agreed, I can still work just not quite as hard.
I stopped at the shop on the way home and faxed in the contract for the hotel room for the fair then Mark and I drove to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. That was delicious and we brought enough left overs home for another meal. Karin sent a text that tonight was game night at mom's house. When I arrived they were putting together a puzzle which we were able to finish before the rest of the players arrived.  When Karin found out Joan was bringing her 2 grand daughters she quickly took some of the puzzle apart so they would have something to do too. We talked about the training session, today Karin and Rhoda together worked Zalena, Galena, Ayanna and Oksana. Karin was quick to say, Rhoda had such a big smile on her face when working with Ayanna. That mare is just so talented one can't help but smile when on her.
Hannah, Joan, Karin, mom and I played a fun game of Mexican train. We sure have a good time together. I'm thankful for all the family that lives close.

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