Thursday, January 26, 2017

Yorkie Puppy For Sale

Purebred Yorkie puppy for sale. This puppy is a rescue, he is less than 5 pounds and is almost 10 months old. He does not have papers but is a full blooded Yorkie.
His cost is the the adoption fee of $300.00. He is super sweet and loves to play. He was never even held ONCE until he was over 3 months old but was also NEVER touched in anger. He was just stuck in a pen with his litter mates because the owner caught meningitis at 77 years old and almost died. IF interested in this special puppy you MUST have a vet referral. He has all of his shots except for rabies and is not yet neutered. 
 If you have a place for this adorable little boy in your family please email me at  but please put Yorkie Puppy in the subject line, and I'll give you all the contact information. 

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