Friday, January 13, 2017

Icy Trail Ride

Right after our walk the truck was checked to make sure the doors would open and the truck would start for the trail ride scheduled for today. The truck had been out in the rain and when the rain turned to freezing ice the doors were frozen shut. I went into the house to get a hair dryer and extension cord when  Rhoda arrived. She was able to get one of the doors opened and was thrilled when it started. She brought Rosalie, Eliza and Jenis into the indoor to round pen them before heading out. When Emily arrived, she moved the trailer to the front for easier loading them went to open the back but the hinges were frozen shut and there was no moving that door. She was able to get the side door opened then she and I tried to open the middle divider but that too was frozen shut. At that point I was ready to just send the 2 girls with just 2 horses when Rhoda decided to try the slider door on the back gate. Between the 3 of us we were able to get that door opened. Rosalie was put in the back then Eliza and Jenis loaded in the side door of the front and we were on our way. We are very thankful our horses will load in small doors. As we turned on Manito road there was a convocation of 5 or 6 bald eagles feasting on a dead deer carcass. We did not stop to take pictures but what an amazing sight. We were the only trailer that showed up today and the only riders at Sandridge State Forest. Below we are getting ready to mount.
 Rhoda rode Rosalie while Emily rode Jenis.
 I chose to ride Eliza today. She needs to build up stamina and this was just an easy ride of about 5 miles, plus she is a safe steady mare that does not trip or spook. Old people like me like that you know.
Rhoda's dog Ruby was thrilled to go too. She runs behind us exploring everything on the trail but keeping close to Rhoda.
The landscape was gorgeous, like riding through a fairyland with ice covering the trees and plants along the trail.
This was the first trail ride for Rosalie off the property. She did so well, relaxed with her head low and even leading some of the way.
Below we are in the pine forest. 
Most of the trail was pretty frozen and most of this ride was done at a walk but we came to an area where the sun had warmed up the sand enough for some canter and trot.

About 2 hours into the trip all of a sudden Rosalie stopped, turned to look back and neighed as if to ask, "where is my baby?"   We were wondering when she would notice her filly was not with her. Notice Ruby right at Rosalie's back feet. When Karin heard that she made the comment that's what happens when a teenager has a baby. You see Rosalie was not quite 3 years old when she got pregnant. We don't usually breed a mare until they turn three. It was partly an accident but when she came up pregnant I didn't worry as I was pretty sure she would lose it and was pleasantly surprised when she didn't.
We got back to the trailer just after noon, loaded up and drove to Subway in Manito for lunch. That hot soup was delicious and hit the spot. On the way home there were only 2 bald eagles eating on the deer carcass. A mature adult with the immature offspring. This time we pulled over and Rhoda took the pictures below.

We made it home before 2:00 pm. Rhoda spent the afternoon and some of the evening before she needed to leave for a birthday party. Darcy was so very happy to have her home. Karin joined us for supper tonight. We made plans to run to Middle Grove in the morning to pick up Sangria and Easter Lily but after hearing the weather report that may not happen. The news said we are expecting more ice starting tomorrow morning but when Rhoda left there was already freezing drizzle coming down.

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