Monday, January 9, 2017

Dead Car

Today was grocery shopping day except when I jumped into the car to leave it was dead as a door knob. The hatchback had been left open since yesterday leaving the interior lights burning. I heard mom this morning offer her car to Jessica as she had a flat tire so took the golf cart over to check the garage and was glad to see mom's car was still inside.
Just a quick trip to Sam's Club today but I found some great buys. Top sirloin roast was on sale for $2.82 a pound, fresh boneless chicken breast for under $2.00 a pound and a boneless pork loin roast for $1.86. There was also some cheese soup on sale but I didn't look at the ingredients until home. The chicken was cubed and sauteed in a little olive oil, carrots were chopped and boiled until soft thinking both of these ingredients would go well with the soup. Well that didn't go very well, the cheese soup was made with BEER! Who does that? Ruining a good cheese soup with that awful taste. The smell of beer was strong but surely once the chicken and carrots were added it wouldn't taste like beer right. I know when we make beer batter for the fried fish that always turns out well but this wasn't to be. The smell and taste were much too prevalent and I can't serve beer at Berean. Instead the rest of the chicken was sauteed in vandalia onion sauce. Tomorrow that will join a spinach wild rice dish, fresh strawberries and pecan pie for the Berean lunch. Karin came after work to train but stopped in first for some supper and thankfully she liked the soup. She was given most of it to take home. Mark was fed the last of it and finished his bowl. Both enjoyed a slice of pecan pie for dessert but there is still plenty for tomorrow. Today Zalena, Ayanna, Oksana and Galena were brought in and worked. Zalena is wearing the green halter, Oksana has on a black halter, Ayanna and Galena are both wearing blue.

 Galena was the first mare worked. She is improving every day. 

 Ayanna was next, Karin just can't help but smile when riding Ayanna. Her gaits are just huge. 

 Zalena takes a while to figure out that she doesn't have to run each time someone gets on. Karin lets her walk without asking for any more speed until Zalena finally starts to listen to her rider instead of believing she must go go go.

After a nice quiet walk, trot and canter Zalena was untacked and Oksana tacked. Karin only had a few minutes to work her as the time just seemed to fly by.

We were both well pleased, all 4 mares are listening and all 4 mares are responding well. We haven't charged up the car yet this evening. I have to remind Mark in the morning to put the car on the charger as I can't be late for work.

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