Wednesday, January 4, 2017


We had a frigid walk this morning, so cold Diane came wrapped in a blanket.
We didn't mosey along today, today was the day for brisk walking in order to get into a warm house. After the walk I stopped at TEMCO for the Berean mail then drove that to the Berean office where 4 willing workers were waiting. To read about our morning there and Tuesday's morning click HERE. Once home from there the waterers were checked. This morning the weanling paddock waterer was frozen over but Mike got it working. Rosalie and Abigail were brought into the stall barn and each put in a different stall so Abigail could get some handling. I was very pleased she remembered the routine. She was haltered, tied, groomed and feet handled and did well with it all except handling her back feet. She didn't want me picking those up so a rope was used. The first few times each time the rope was around one of her back legs she would start kicking and I would yell at her but keep it on. After a few minutes of that she quit kicking and allowed me to brush the legs off. I'll work on picking those up another day. When Karin arrived we took them into the indoor for a few pictures for Abigail's owner.
 It was too dark inside for moving pictures so even though it was only 13 degrees outside and the outdoor was frozen solid we took them outside for a few action shots. 

They were put back in a stall when finished as I wanted to move in a new round bale in their paddock after Karin was done working horses. Today she brought in Ayanna, Eliza, Zalena and Galena.
 Above left to right is Ayanna, Zalena and Eliza, below is Galena as she threw in a buck to try to unseat Karin.
She settled right down when Karin wouldn't allow that behavior. She was much more forward today and ended on a good note.
Below is the last picture the camera took for the day. 
 Karin was just going to start Ayanna when the cold caused the camera to stop working. I thought it may be the battery, ran down to the house for another fully charged battery but it still wouldn't work. Thankfully once the camera was in the house and warmed up it started working again. Below is a picture of Galena's sire Spellcaster. I found out today he is 16.1 hands tall. Galena is expecting a Valiant foal due June 25th, 2017. That foal should be VERY tall and VERY hairy.
As soon as the mares were put away Karin helped move a bale in for the weanlings then Rosalie and Abigail put back out with them. The stall they were in will need to be cleaned but not today, we were pretty desperate to get in and warm up. Mark was home by then and had a good hot fire going in the fireplace wood burner. A pot of stew was made for supper full of good vegetables and tender roast beef. Mark drove mom and I to church tonight. Tim Roecker had the message. 

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