Saturday, January 14, 2017

Delayed Again

We awoke to more ice so much that there was no way to take the truck and trailer to Middle Grove to pick up Sangria and Easter Lily. Both of these mares must come home by Wednesday morning. Instead of driving, mom invited us for breakfast serving farm fresh eggs, crisp perfectly cooked salty bacon, toast, pancakes with butter and syrup, coffee and juice. We ate well determining not to each lunch as tonight was the pancake supper at the fellowship hall.
Since our plans were delayed Karin came over right after breakfast to work horses. Today 8 mares were brought inside and round penned together.

I'm always amazed at how well the mares listen to Karin even in a big group. Galena, the gypsy mare is the only mare not as socialized with the herd as she should be. She tries to stay with Oksana and sometimes threatens the other mares if they get too close. Today both Karin and I had to get after her for threatening Zalena. Galena is not allowed to be top dog with this herd. Once Karin was ready to start riding Jenis and Eliza were taken into the stall barn for their grain. After they finished eating Jenis was put back out but Eliza brought back in the arena. Ayanna was the first mare worked today.

 followed by Galena.

As soon as Karin was working with Galena Anna dropped for a roll,
 followed by Oksana. Now Oksana had an itch that took a while to satisfy. 
 She stayed in an upside down position balanced with legs up in the air getting every inch of her back scratched for quite a while. 
When she finally got up and had a great big smile as if to say, ahhh that felt great.
Speaking of itchy mares, Eliza knows how to scratch an itch. She walks over to the hay bales and starts rubbing every inch of her body against them.

 By the time she is done she has hay stuck everywhere. 
Zalena was the 3rd mare worked
 Indy was the 4th
Eliza was next.

 After Karin dropped the whip with the bag Indy walked right over, picked it up and started waving it around. For some reason none of the mares would run from her.

Anna was the 6th mare worked.
 Once she was done, she and Ayanna visited a bit, check out how round Anna is in the next two pictures and yet her udder is as flat as a pancake. 

 We check all the mares for twins when we ultrasound at 16 days, she is only carrying one foal in that big belly and is not due for 2 more months. Oksana was the last mare worked for the day.
Karin got 8 mares round penned and 7 ridden all by 12:30 pm. Not a bad mornings work. Jessica and Rachel left for Chicago around 10:00 am to pick up Jessica's new pug puppy and yesterday Anni and Rebekah left for Bloomington, Indiana to pick up their new poodle puppy. Anni brought her's over to meet the family today.
 He is a registered purebred poodle but one parent was a miniature and the other was a standard so he should only get about 30 pounds. They hope to stand him at stud for miniature golden doodle puppies once he is old enough. Molly wasn't at all impressed with him.
 Ebby was glaring at him and would show her teeth if he got too close. Ebby is the boss of all the dogs in the neighborhood and was just letting him know that. 
While at mom's I couldn't help but admire the birds showing up at her bird feeder. She has so many different kinds that come. Below are just a few. 

I had to rush home to shower before leaving for the pancake supper. We picked up mom and Sarah Reinhard then drove over to Phil and Anna's, traded our car for their van and took Braelyn and Taegan with us too. They had a ball. They both loved the meal but the candy store was their favorite, well that and the friends they found when they got there.

We sure had another wonderful day.

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