Friday, January 27, 2017

Fun and Games

Our walk was kind of funny, Joan came running one direction while Ruth came running the other. Joan confessed to being very sore from doing 52 squats while teaching Berlica her ABC memory verses. We all sympathized with her pain, doesn't she know she is old? Diane left this afternoon for the Honegger birthday celebration held in Springfield each year. This is the first year for them to go without John.  We think Mike and Diane left early as Diane didn't want anyone surprising her on her 60th birthday tomorrow. At the end of the walk I offered to give Joan a ride back on the golf cart. As we both got in we both groaned at the very same time, looked at each other and burst out laughing. How OLD are we?
Rhoda and Emily came today to play. Rhoda actually arrived first and helped tease Rosalie and Galena but neither mare showed. They will need to be teased starting in 18 days but unfortunately we will be out of the country then so hopefully Rhoda, Karin or Emily can do that. Rhoda had a good ride on Rosalie. As she mounted up Ruby came running over and jumped on the mounting block hoping to get to go double again.
 Rosale looked over at her, gave her a sniff then stood quietly waiting for Rhoda to tell her to walk.
Emily brought Jenis in while I was videoing a little of Rhoda training Rosalie to sidepass. She is just starting this training and uses the circle to ask her to move to the outside a couple times before asking for her to sidepass down the long side of the barn.
Emily worked with Jenis to go in a small rear then walk or trot quietly after the rear is asked.

The two girls then rode the horses side by side in the trot to teach Rosalie to stay with another mare. Below Rhoda and Rosalie are on the inside and Emily and Jenis on the outside. Rosalie is just such a big mare you can't really see Jenis and Emily but they are side by side.
 They switched to have Jenis on the inside but Rosalie used that to get a little too far from her. 
Emily untacked Jenis then decided to try to ride her without a bridle or a saddle. 
  She asked her to walk, trot, back up, move sideways and rear and Jenis did amazing listening to her 
body language. They finished up with asking Jenis to bow. 
This evening Anni hosted a hot tub party at her cabin in the woods. I'm not sure who all attended but know Sarah and Karin did as mom hosted games at her place and those two were hot tubbing.
We had a good time with games tonight.

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