Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blessed Evening

Winter is back, we have been going through so much wood that even before breakfast this morning Mark brought 5 wheelbarrow loads of wood over to the porch for stacking. The fireplace has been burning non stop now since the cold moved in a few days ago. We are going through a lot of wood but we are warm and have plenty. Karin came early to work horses. While she brought in Ayanna, Galena, Zalena, Oksana and Indy, I grained the weanlings, Jenis and Eliza. Ayanna was fascinated with the heater today. I'm not sure why she hadn't noticed it all the other days.
 It was so cold that all the horses ended up next to that heater for a while. 
 Indy was the first horse worked, her tail bag had split open. They just don't make tail bags like they use to, either that or our horses are just plain hard on them. 
 Left to right is Zalena, Ayanna, Oksana and her mother Eliza.
 Galena was having a good roll before settling down to eat. 
 Ayanna was next. This mare continues to impress us. 
 Just as Karin started working her someone in the neighborhood starting shooting a very loud gun. Karin had to bail off Ayanna who is our most reactive mare. All the mares took off. The shots were repeated over and over and the horses were sure we were under attack. Eliza kept trying to get the barn door opened to escape. 
 Karin had to get their attention with another round pen session to try to teach them to ignore the gun shots. There were at least 15 big booms. I was just glad this didn't happen last Saturday when all the little kids were riding. I guess I should ask the neighbors to please let us know when they are going to be shooting so we don't have an accident
 After the shooting Karin went back to work finishing up with Ayanna then riding Eliza. 
 Oksana was very bored by this time so she was the next horse worked. 

 The last mare worked was Zalena. 
The horses were put away and we went in for lunch. While Karin was working the horses a couple phone calls came in. The first was the owner of this mare:
 She is a half Friesian mare they call Trixie and she will be coming up to visit Evan this spring. They should certainly have a beautiful foal. The next phone call was from a man with 5 mares. He has 2 Andalusian mares and 2 Aztec mares he would like to breed to Valiant and Evan. He wants to bring them mid March. Then when I got back in the house the man that bought Sheena's colt and Ayanna's colt would like to purchase a filly out of Soul or Sangria by Valiant in 2017. We have no way of knowing if these mares are carrying a colt or filly so he will just have to wait.  Nolan arrived to go on a trail ride with Karin. His dog Arie stayed in the house with us while they were on the ride.
 I took pictures but must have taken them without the camera card as none of them showed up. Nolan rode Oksana and Karin rode Ayanna. Both of these mares needed canter work but Karin wanted them cantering in the fields instead of a small arena. The ride was successful. Nolan is getting comfortable with Oksana and she with him. They were so frozen when they got back they went over to Rachel's to jump in the hot tub.
This evening we headed over to the Hanna City gym for the Night of Worship. We heard some beautiful music and powerful preaching. Rachel, Karin and Molly led the first set. Nancy got to go and loved the songs singing some at full blast.
 The second group that came up had a violin, guitar and yuke. Thankful they were willing to share their talents. 
 David had the message. The King IS coming and if you want to be great in HIS kingdom be a servant here. The message was WAY more than just this though. I wish it had been recorded to listen to again. 
 The band below played next and coincidentally they ALL happen to be pirates. I wonder if they would be willing to share their talents by bringing their instruments and sound system to the horse fair.
Mark and I needed to leave around 8:30 pm so did not get to hear the other bands play but it was a blessed evening. 

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