Saturday, January 21, 2017

60 and Sunny

We awoke to a beautiful SUNNY day. We haven't had sunshine for a long time, so this was wonderful. Anna dropped off Taegan and Kensley early as she had to work and Phil went to help David. The girls had FUN!
 Karin had a tack cleaning party which was well attended when she offered to give a riding lesson to all who helped. 

To see the rest of the tack cleaning pictures click HERE
 Below Taegan is giving Indy a pat on the nose. She was very brave to do this as Taegan is just a little intimidated by big horses. 
 the kids needed to be up on the round bales while Karin worked with the mares first. Below Hannah is helping Kensley up to the top row. 
 Taegan and Berlica all the way up on top. 

 It is much safer to be up on top when the mares are being worked plus the view is great. 
Waiting a turn on a horse. 

The riding lessons went well.

To see the rest of those pictures click HERE.  As soon as that was over Rhoda playing with the girls on the playground. 

 Notice that boot flying in the air, Taegan was having fun bouncing Kensley's boot high. 
The playground was full of dogs today. Mom came out with Molly, Rhoda brought 2 dogs, Ebby was over, Tara's dog Casey (not pictured) was here and Emma also not pictured. 

 Next was the scheduled trail ride.
 The horses used for this ride were Indy, Jenis, Anna, Eliza, Oksana and Galena
All were well behaved EXCEPT Galena. She decided to buck. Notice Galena at the back of the pack in the picture below. I'm not sure how Hannah kept from falling but somehow she stayed on. 

To see the rest of the trail ride pictures click HERE
Right after the trail ride the big job of washing, braiding and wrapping tails was on the schedule. 
 We ended up having to use buckets of warm water. The portable water heater was broken. I didn't know it needed to be taken inside during the winter and it cracked.
I was very disappointed as we only got to use it last winter a few times and this winter just once. As soon as I got back in the house though I ordered another and this time I will KNOW to bring it inside. 

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