Friday, January 20, 2017

Abigail Weaned

Abigail is officially weaned. She is no longer calling for Rosalie and Rosalie is no longer calling back. Hard to believe this cute little baby will be leaving for her new home in a couple weeks.
 Above she is just 2 days old and below she is 2 months old. 
Rhoda is coming tomorrow so maybe we can get her bathed and new pictures taken before she leaves.
Tomorrow is suppose to be warm and sunny and hopefully we can get the foals back outside. Today was a gray drizzly day but not terribly cold. The cold isn't the problem around here the mud IS. Every surface outside is soft and squishy including our driveways. We have had clouds, fog, rain and drizzle with no sunshine to dry anything out.
No training was done today giving me time to catch up on yesterday's pictures which were posted late morning in the post below.
This evening was game night at mom's. She had a full house with Karin, Joan, Sarah, Hannah, Berlica, Mackenson, Ava, Aubrey, Mark and I. Below mom is getting the game out while the kids play with Jessica's puppy.

A good time was had by all, well most, well maybe not me I LOST, but even losing is fun with this family.

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