Thursday, January 5, 2017

White Snow Black Horses

We had about an inch of snow during the night so when I went out to feed all of the horses here had a blanket of snow covering their back.

Even though it was a cold 11 degrees these horses are so well insulated that the snow does not melt. A horse's normal internal temperature is 101 degrees which just shows their winter coat keeps them dry and warm. Not even their body heat gets through to melt the snow.
 We were short walkers today, Joan is skiing with the home school co-op at Cascade and Ruth is on her way home from the cruise. Diane, mom and I didn't walk as long as usual. I left for Berean after the walk. To read about our busy day there click HERE.
After work the Drury Inn corporate office was called to reserve a block of rooms for the IL Horse Fair. That took most of the afternoon and even some of the evening but the job is done. Karin arrived to work horses and while she worked them I untangled manes and tails. We will wash and braid those once it warms up. The horses worked today were Galena, Anna, Oksana and Indy. Galena seemed stiff today and didn't want to go forward. Once Karin got the whip out she tried to buck once then finally did move off when asked. We are not sure if she is sore or lazy. Oksana, Indy and Anna all did great. Sure makes us spoiled, we expect all the horses to act like the Friesians and are disappointed when they don't. Karin is hoping Galena can be used during the Friesian demo as we are short Ribbon. We have almost 2 months to keep working with her but if she isn't going to work out we need to come up with plan B.
Mike picked up 9 round bales of hay from a farmer on 116. He took 4 out to Middle Grove and brought 5 here to store until needed. They are kind of a stemmy first cutting mostly grass but was put up dry.

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