Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday's Cold Practice

Darcy gave us a scare this morning. She fell outside and couldn't get up. It is so very hard to see a beloved dog start to fail. She IS almost 12 years old which is very old for an English Mastiff. We got her comfortable inside before heading to church a little late this morning but still made it before the singing. Greg Rumbold had the morning service which just seemed to go along with last nights message. David Obergfel had the afternoon service. We here in Peoria are SO very blessed. After church was the usual Horsemeister practice. Rhoda came early to see what we are dealing with her darling Darcy and we were very disappointed to find Darcy really wasn't better. She struggles to get up and is obviously afraid to walk outside. She was given 2 strong pain pills which may or may not help tomorrow. If she is no better by then we will probably call Dr. Hoerr to come let Darcy go to sleep one last time. Tears were shed as this decision was made.
The practice had to be held in the indoor arena as it was much to cold outside today. What a huge difference from last Sunday. The indoor is a little small for 9 horses at once and yet somehow these riders made it work. Below are a few pictures of the practice.

If interested in seeing the rest of the pictures click HERE
Below is a short video clip of one part of the play.

 At the end of the practice Mitchel and Emily had Jenis practice rearing with 2 riders. Below is a video of that.

Anni learned how to ask Ayanna to bow today.
Amy brought a grand daughter out to watch and of course she needed to ride Anna back to the paddock.

It was a very successful practice. Afterwards a group came in to say goodbye to Darcy then we went to Gil's Supper Club for dinner. The kids left from there to go down the street to the gym for volley ball but stopped at David Jacob's house to drop of their dogs. It was funny to see how many of the family decided to do this today. Jessica's 2 pugs were there, Karin's Studly was there, DavidJacob's Zero was there, Rhoda and Lee's Ruby was there, and Sarah and Nolan's Ari was there.
We had a quiet evening, Mark working on our taxes for 2016 and me downloading and editing pictures. Darcy was better tonight, glad to see me come in with a to go white box from Gils, got up on her own and ate an entire sweet potato. Maybe she just needs pain pills.

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