Tuesday, January 10, 2017

58 Mile Winds

What a relief to walk outside and the face doesn't sting from the bitter cold. It was 39 degrees on our walk this morning. Mark got the car battery charged up no problem and after the walk a big smile was on my face as I drove to the the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE.
After lunch I had to stop at Meister Brothers to get a couple checks ready for mailing then got home to get some of the Horsemeister paper work done. The winds were so great the car was being moved from one lane to the other. It took both hands on the wheel to keep the car going in a straight line. There was rain coming down in sheets. Later I heard that some of the wind gusts hit 58 mph. No wonder driving was hard. The wind this afternoon was trying hard to get into the house. It was chilly working at the desk in the family room as the wind was slamming into the walls, slipping through the cracks and howling at the windows. Titan's registration and transfer paper needed to be filled out and made ready for mailing tomorrow. A man from Lewistown, IL is willing to haul hay and straw down to Springfield March 1st and the deposit check needed to be mailed to him. By the time I finished the paper work and started on pictures it was too cool inside to be comfortable and the furnace was turned up to 72 degrees and the fireplace woodburner started. The picture below was found on my old camera card. It is of Rhoda's 11 year old English Mastiff dog Darcy meeting Rhoda's puppy Ruby.
A great update came in from Jessica the owner of Jewel's 2016 filly by Evan. She sent these pictures and wrote: Hi Judy, I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Riata and let you know she is happy and doing well!!! She loves to be handled and learns very quickly. It only took me five minutes to teach her how to trot next to me in hand! She is very bonded with my Arabian gelding so they are pasture buddies. The trainer at the barn loves her and thinks she is going to be something special.Oh and she LOVES people! Can't get her off of us!

We are thankful for updates and pictures. It is wonderful for us to hear how much these foals are loved. 

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