Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter Training

It is still relatively mild today but nothing like Saturday's gorgeous sunny sixty degrees. I was not able to walk today, just too much to get done at the Berean office. Marie and I both arrived at the same time and both of us went right to work. To read about our morning there click here.
Karin arrived at the farm just a few minutes before I made it home but yesterday's training pictures were downloaded first before heading out to watch today's training.  Below are a few pictures from yesterday.

 The above three pictures are of Oksana who at the time I was taking these pictures thought she was Zalena. Notice that nice green halter. Zalena was wearing that halter the day before then lost it in the paddock. I found it, put it in the barn and Karin used that halter for Oksana probably to confuse ME. The three pictures below are of Ayanna. She still has on her blue halter but even if Karin would have switched halters on her I would have recognized her anyway by her HUGE movement.

 Galena was 3rd to be worked yesterday. She is improving each time she is worked. 
 She sure is a hairy mare. 
 Zalena was last to be worked. Karin brought her up to the mounting block and Zalena thought she was asking her to stand on it. 
 A few years ago Karin would end each training session with the mare stepping up on the pedestal. I think Zalena remembered that and was sure Karin would not make her work if she would climb up quickly. Zalena is another mare that has improved this year. She is muscling up well and her top line is looking well developed. She is also learning she doesn't need run as soon as she is mounted. 
 When I finally made it out to the barn Karin had the heater running and was working with Indy. She had already ridden Eliza so Eliza was taken out to her paddock and grained. I am determined this mare will be fat before she delivers her foal in June. Below is Indy. Indy is learning to go into the canter quietly and very balanced. She use to fall in quite bad but is now easily able to canter a 20 meter circle slowly.
 When Karin finished with her she decided she wanted to scratch her back leg. Indy IS fat, check out the rolls of fat on her back as she scrunches up. Indy isn't due until August 1st. She sure has no trouble keeping her weight up. Another of our easy keepers. 
The last mare worked today was Galena. Karin warmed her up a bit while waiting for Hannah and Faith to come over. 
 Below Mackenson and Berlica are climbing the round bales. 

 Faith was thrown up on Galena at the end of this training session just to see how Galena would react to doubles and someone standing at that. She wasn't very happy but stood still. 
Another good day at the Horsemeister farm!

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