Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Down and Out

As the morning went on the worse I felt. Dave B and Mary G arrived at the Berean office to help enter requests and stuff envelopes but I didn't even think of taking the camera out. What I thought about was how I could stand up without fainting.
As soon as I got home from there, the couch was calling my name and down I went out for the rest of the afternoon. Karin arrived to work horses and even though she knew there was food in here waiting for her dinner she chose to not even open the door but drove away. She worked 4 horses and even told me which ones but when she did I was either not listening or praying I would not vomit. Last week Mark was laying on the couch with his winter coat on, today I was. Mark got home from work and built a big fire in the wood burner but even with that I'm cold.
Diane was called to see if she could take mom to church but she and Mike were on their way to Skylines to be with Wilma on her 80th birthday. Spark and Rhonda were called but they are in Missouri, Ruth was called but she is still not feeling well. Joan was sent a text and even though this meant she would need to drive two cars tonight she was willing. You see not only does Joan have Sarah, Hannah, Faith, Berlica and Mackenson, tonight she also had Ava and Aubrey.
Mark and I listened on line and both of us are very thankful our church offers that option. Craig Stickling had the service. Always good to hear him. I've got the electric blanket on high and am heading to bed.

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