Sunday, January 15, 2017

Busy Sunday

As I'm drinking my first cup of coffee in my nightgown this morning, I walked to the sliding glass door to see if we were getting rain and was shocked to see Friesians in the yard quietly grazing. At first glance I see 5 and am praying the other 3 in that paddock are still IN the paddock.
 I quickly stepped outside in my bare feet and look over at the pond pasture to see only Galena looking longingly over at the other mares in the yard. 
 That meant I needed to walk on that icy cold cement driveway to find out where the other 2 were. Jenis is pretty much under the pine tree. Zalena is facing the house, Indy is in front of Eliza, Ayanna is next and bringing up the rear is Anna. Then I notice Oksana standing over by Valiant. Uh oh she may be coming in season which means she did not conceive in October. Dr. Hoerr is scheduled for Wednesday to ultrasound 4 mares and draw blood for 10 coggins and Oksana is on that list so we will soon know if she is or isn't.
What was weird was that Valiant was not screaming or trying to crash through the gate. Usually we know a horse is loose by the screaming of the stallions but all was quiet this morning. I went back in the house to get dressed, then took the golf cart up to the stall barn to get some lead ropes and a scoop of grain. As I started down to grab horses Karin pulled up got out and started helping. She was driving out when she saw them in the yard. It only took a few minutes to put them all back with the 2 of us working together. One of the ropes had broken leaving a gate open. Yesterday I was looking at the ropes and thinking they would need replacing soon, I just didn't realize soon would come today. Mark has some really strong nylon rope that will work great tomorrow but today the chains were used.
At church Tim Funk had a shortened first service on the book of Ephesians then our annual business meeting this morning. It is always humbling to realize how many different ministries Peoria supports and the amounts given to these are astounding. This afternoon Craig Stickling spoke on Proverbs.
We got home from church just after 2:00 pm. Rhoda, Lee and Nolan were here getting ready to ride Rosalie and Indy. Karin is hoping Nolan will work well with Indy for the fair. Today was the first time he has ever tried her. Indy is much more forward than Ribbon was, his last year mount for the fair.

By 3:00 pm Mark and I were on the way to Middle Grove to pick up Sangria and Easter Lilly. We drove to the first gate, hiked up the hill but saw no horses. After hiking along the ridge quite a while we saw the herd off in the distance over by where Mike stores the round bales. Mark hiked back to the truck and drove the half mile to the far gate while I walked to the horses, haltered Sangria and reached that gate about the same time he drove up. He held Sangria while I haltered Easter Lilly and within a few minutes we had both mares loaded and were on our way home. I unloaded while Mark got the tractor going and brought out a round bale for Evan's paddock. As soon as we were back to the house I was on my way to Sam's club for dog food. With the ice storm suppose to hit tonight I wanted to for sure have enough dog food in the house for Darcy and Emma. We also needed some food for us. Thankfully when I got back Sarah, Nolan and Rhoda were still here and helped unload $145.00 worth of food for us and the dogs.
Lee stayed for dinner but the other three left for volley ball at the Hanna City gym. For a Sunday a lot sure got accomplished but all of that was only because of a predicted ice storm.

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