Monday, January 16, 2017

No Ice but LOTS of RAIN

Thankfully the temperature hovered above freezing all last night and today which made the rain just rain instead of ice. Even now at 10:30 pm there are big rumblings of thunder and pouring down rain. It wasn't raining for our walk and right after that a bale was moved in the middle paddock. As today is a school holiday Karin came over at 10:00 am to start working mares. It was just sprinkling when we started bringing the mares inside but soon the rain started pounding down soaking everything. Today we are very thankful for an indoor arena. Karin got a phone call and the mares took advantage of the free time in the arena for a good roll, mare after mare would drop and roll.

 They all hovered around Karin waiting for instructions after the rolling. 

 Below they are lined up in a v formation waiting for Karin's next command. 
Ayanna was worked first.
 Followed by Galena
 Then Anna
 Oksana was next as she was having too much fun emptying the garbage can and taking down the equipment in the barn. 
She is a typical 4 year old, everything goes in the mouth. 

 Then laughing at us when we yell at her to stop. 
Eliza, Oksana's mother was worked next. 
 Then came Indy
 and finally Zalena. 
It took 3 hours to work all those mares,  Karin was pretty exhausted by the time the last horse was ridden. We came in for a late lunch then Karin headed up to visit with Jessica and her new pug puppy.
I put a roast in the oven and started 2 pecan pies for the Berean lunch tomorrow. Ruth held game night at her house today and that was well attended. We always have fun playing together.
 Above is Ruth and her grand daughter Riley and below is Braelyn, Taegan, Jordan, and Kensley

 The girls had a ball playing at Ruth and Fedi's house. 
 Tyler and Samantha came too. 
 Below is Fedi working on his books while his grand son Jordan pops the bubble wrap. 

 Braelyn and Jordan popping bubble wrap.
 Ryan and Steven busy on their lap tops. 
Samantha, mom and Ruth having fun arguing a point. 
Diane, Faith and Sarah. Check out Sarah's fancy scarf. 

 We made Diane move so Hannah could be in the picture too. 
What a fun evening on this foggy dreary raining day. Thankful for family that lives close and even more thankful that there is pretty much always someone around here that wants to play.

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