Friday, June 30, 2017

Zalena In

This morning only Diane, mom and I went on the walk, Joan didn't have a sitter to come and Ruth is in Colorado with the young group. After the walk I worked on the pictures taken yesterday until I forced myself to get away from the computer and clean the popcorn machine. They need it for the big 4th of July party tomorrow at the Giant Goose Ranch. When Karin arrived to work horses I was glad for another reason to pull myself away from the computer. I sure don't see how real photographers like this job. It is fun to take the pictures but getting them ready for downloading is the pits. What ever the photographers charge, it isn't enough!
Karin asked for help when she was working the boys. She wanted a mare brought out and led around the round pen as each stallion was in training. Well Evan shocked us at how good he was.
 Not that he didn't want to go over and meet Jenis, he listened to Karin but couldn't resist trotting high off the ground. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures taken of Evan today click HERE. Evan and Jenis were put away then Karin brought out Valiant. Valiant did well until I came out to the round pen leading Zalena and Flynn. Zalena immediately started showing and Valiant could hardly contain himself.  Each time he came charging over Karin would make him work and it finally clicked. He actually would go to the other side of the round pen so as not to put himself in temptation. Hmm we could learn from that. He was cantering huge getting all 4 hooves way off the ground.
 At the end of the session Karin let him roll then sit. 
Zalena's colt Flynn was put back in with the other mares, Zalena taken over to Valiant's breeding stand and covered by him. Sure hope she settles. Good news came in from Jazz's owner, she is pregnant. They are excited to have a Valiant foal next spring. Dakota was teased and today she did not scream at the stallions, in-fact when Valiant was taken over she came to the gate but did not wink. Tomorrow I'll try again. 
It is lonely around here today. Mom went with Joan to Bluffton Indiana, Mike and Diane are camping at Middle Grove and with Ruth gone there was no one to play games with. Mark and I went out to start scraping paddocks. Evan was taken into the stall and his mane braided back up. Now I just need to find some small rubber bands. 

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