Saturday, July 1, 2017

Long Lines

WE had such a productive day. Mark worked on scraping paddocks and spreading manure on the fields. He also got rid of a big stump at the playground. Then power washed the tractor and skid steer.
Karin came to work horses working first with Evan.Check out those braids on this boy in the picture below. Not  sure if they will stay in but hopefully they will. He will be much cooler having that thick long mane tied up and off his neck.
 Karin had him lay down flat and stay that way while she scratched his belly. Evan enjoyed every minute of that exercise. 
 Cookie was brought out next to the round pen while Evan was working and he was quiet and respectful most of the time, just showing interest when Karin worked him close by where she was tied. I took that opportunity to remove the knots in Cookies mane. Evan and Cookie were put away and Valiant brought out. This time it was Missy who was brought out and tied at the round pen. Valiant was almost perfect too. Below Karin is asking him to lay down. 
 Then sit. When he was sitting she was scratching him up on his neck. That felt so good to him, he stretched out his nose begging for more. 
Missy's tail was combed out while Valiant was being worked. As soon as she was done with him we teased Dakota but she is not showing and not in. Zalena was also teased and in so covered by Valiant.  By this time we were both hot, Karin went over to jump in the lake while I went inside to work on cleaning the kitchen and finishing laundry before we needed to leave for the big party at the Giant Goose Ranch. We needed to have Missy, Cookie, Bunni and Jenis hosed down, tacked up and loaded by 3:00 pm for that drive. We stopped in Farmington to pick up our helper, Elisabeth then made it to the Goose Ranch by 4:00 pm. We had lots of helpers to set up the temporary round pen (not so round) and warm up the horses before the party started.
 Below are just a few of the pictures downloaded of the afternoon and evening. 

 The horses were a huge hit, the line stretched almost as far as they eye could see. Well that might be a slight exaggeration, but there were more than 2000 people there. 
We never stopped for a break the entire time we were there. Those horses worked  from 4:00 pm until almost 8:00 pm. We needed to be out of the Goose Ranch before the fireworks started up and were pleased that it happened. No one set off any fireworks until after we pulled away. We drove straight to Middle Grove to drop off the horses, tack and trailer as they will be used there for the company coming Sunday and Monday there. Elisabeth and Karin were dropped off in Farmington and by the time I finally arrived back here it was dark and there were lots of fireworks going off in the area. The horses are fine with that, but Emma sure isn't. She tried to climb up on our bed, the silly dog.
What a busy day!

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