Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Baling the Hay

 Written on Tuesday but not posted until Wednesday:
Jazz, the outside mare was covered early this morning. Mike came over to help with that as Jazz doesn't tie. Valiant was the stallion the owners chose for her. They have a half brother of Valiant's and just love him. I had to quit the walk early, just too much to try to get done before leaving for Dallas tomorrow morning.
Thankfully I have brothers and sisters to help. Ruth was the first one to offer. She offered to feed Eli, Eliza's colt while I was at the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE. On the way to that office my plan was to stop first at Meister's to pay the special assessment fee for mom's condo down in Gulf Shores except when I got to Creek Rd it was closed off. Spark was called as he works there AND signs checks on that checkbook. He wrote the check and mailed it off. Diane was called when we couldn't get hold of the UPS driver and she offered to take the Bibles being UPS'd to her office for pick up. Mike drove down to TSC to pick up another bag of formula for the orphan colt. Joan drove to Morton, IL to Hoerr vet clinic to pick up the hormone shots for Sally AND is going to give those shots the next 4 days. What would I do without family. 
This evening the farmer had finished baling the hay. We had 40 bales to pick up, 27 on this field and 13 on the field by Joan's house. Mark started working on that field with the tractor taking 2 at a time while I used the skid steer to haul off this field and stack in the barn. The hay looks really good, it was put up dry and is fine stemmed. The horses are going to love it. We had to quit after 9:30 pm, it just got too dark to see. I think there are only 10 bales left to move. Mark will have to do those himself as Karin, Mom and I are heading to Dallas in a few hours. 
The milk powder was taken over to Jessica's and she watched as I gave the colt a feeding. Diane and mom came over and helped clean stalls and feed. I'm almost packed, just waiting on the dryer to finish then will head to bed for a few hours before getting back up to feed the colt. Please pray we have a safe trip to visit Ben, Taunya, Addyson, Jack, Jace and little Abe. 

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