Monday, June 5, 2017

The Big Plans

It was hard to get going this Monday morning. I was up at 2:30 am for the feeding of Eli then again at 5:30 am, 8:30 am, 11:30 am 2:30  pm, 5:30 pm and the  8:30 pm. In between all those feedings as soon as the 8:30 feeding was done  I ran first to Sam's club, then to the Berean office to drop off the problem studies from church and a few other items then back to feed. After the 11:30 am feeding I drove to Meisters to pay the first of the month bills 5 days late then to the bank to deposit the money to pay the bills then to another bank to drop off the quarters from the laundry machines then back to feed the colt. Get the idea. Hoerr vet clinic was called and we have a plan. The hormone shots will be in tomorrow afternoon. Sally will start on those shots getting those each day. In 5-7 days her milk should be in and then we can introduce Eli to his new mother but only after first giving her a shot to start cramping and contractions and then a shot of oxytosin to produce the mama feeling. I have to drive to Morton, IL to the vet clinic tomorrow afternoon to pick those up.
My plan to head down to Dallas on Wednesday to see my now 2 month old grandson was looking like it was going to have to be cancelled. But...Joan stepped up and is willing to give Sally the shots each day...Jessica is going to be feeding and watering Eli and Sally along with cleaning their stalls Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday. Mike will take over the feeding of Eli on Friday evening and all day Saturday, and is going to scoop poop out of Sally's stall. No REALLY, he said he would do that job!. Mike and Diane have a wedding to attend to Saturday afternoon but will care for Eli before and after the wedding.
Jazz, the outside mare, is starting to come into season. Today she winked a little and tomorrow will be covered by Valiant. Mike will need to tease her and cover her on Wednesday evening. Then tease her on Thursday just to know if she is in or not. If she is still in on Friday he will need to cover her then tease her on Saturday. With outside mares we need to know the day they come in and the day they go out so the owner can make an informed decision on when to come pick her up. 
My plan is to be back late Saturday night from Dallas but if we get too tired we will stop at a hotel for the night and make it back on Sunday. So those are the big plans.
This afternoon JR and another plumber had to fix another leak at Bridlewood. The water pipes there are 39 years old and I'm afraid we will have to start replacing them. There goes my plans for buying a truck this year.  

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